Welcome to Grass Roots Farm of Vermont

Grass Root’s Farm Spring Calves……Born and raised right here in Vermont!

Grass Roots Spring Calf



Welcome to Grass Roots Farm of Vermont!
This is the home of the future of healthy beef!

Healthy animals are happy animals. Happy, healthy animals taste better and are better for you. Grass Roots Farm of Vermont believes that the best beef comes from the best grass, fed to the best breed.

Vermont has the finest grass in the world: The Lowline Angus was developed in Australia from 1929 to 1996 to be the best converter of grass to beef. While other breeds require ‘finishing’ on corn and grain feeds to produce tender, well-marbled meat, the Lowline Angus marbles on grass without any need to finish on grain. The result is a steak that is tender and juicy, and is actually good for you! It’s not just good for you, however, it’s good for the animals and the land.


     The problems with corn/grain finished beef are many, not to mention the issues arising from the methods and means governing animal treatment and living conditions. Grass Roots Farm of Vermont means to put our money where our mouth is and provide an alternative that focuses on healthy food and humane treatment of the animals we eat, not just how much profit we can squeeze out of them. Sure, we need to be profitable too, but we know that the best business model is the one that puts profits in proper perspective, not as the main reason for being in business, but as a secondary by-product of doing a good job and providing a good service to our customers. Those who see a business as merely a money generation mechanism should not be involved in growing food for the general public, nor be involved in anything where the humane treatment of living creatures can adversely affect the almighty ‘Bottom Line’, for obvious reasons. The food produced will be ‘for profit’, and the animals used will suffer from the mean streak of greed.

Grass Roots Farm of Vermont knows that our first responsibility is to the creatures who are in our care and to our customers. Our contract with our animals is integral to our contract with our customers. We owe our cows the best life we can give them, and a painless, humane process at the end of their lives. Our contract with our customers is an extension of our relationship with our herd: That we will give them the finest, healthiest meat possible simply because it is the most responsible, ethical business practice. We believe our customers are ethical people too.

Grass Roots Farm of Vermont also develops partnerships with individual land owners to keep productive agricultural resources open and productive. We are a ‘grass roots’ farm not only in name, but in practice. Much of our state farm land has been bought and developed, taking it out of productive use. Many of these property owners don’t have the means or the interest to cultivate their property, or have enough land to make it worthwhile if they did. Grass Roots Farm of Vermont is developing partnerships with interested property owners that is a huge benefit to everyone involved and the state of Vermont as a whole. By working with the property owners we can develop these individual parcels into productive pieces of a whole. Properties are well tended and managed within the confines of the land owner’s wishes. Some may be hayed several times a season, some may be pastured, and some may be rotated seasonally. The benefits to the property owner are many, including property tax reduction and increased land value as well groomed productive land is more valuable and attractive than bush and bramble. The benefit to Grass Roots Farm is the use of productive land without the burden of purchase and taxes. The benefit to Vermont is obvious, as our agricultural character is maintained. The property owners will also have the benefit of reduced cost of the beef produced. This is taking the CSA to the next level, where the ‘community’ is actually in partnership with the farm, and not just as consumers, but as agricultural partners.

3 Responses to Welcome to Grass Roots Farm of Vermont

  1. Melanie Bishop says:

    Where are you located? We have a bull we are looking to trade, if possible. We are also in need of a yearling steer. Do you have anything available? Our bull is 3 yrs old, proven and beautiful. We already have a yearling heifer sired by him and a calf due any day.
    We purchased our cows from Rod Hewitt in So. VT about 3-4 years ago.
    Melanie Bishop

    • GRF says:

      Hi Melanie! We are in Hinesburg and Charlotte Vermont. Can you send me pictures and the reg,# for your bull? I may know someone looking for a good Fullblood bull, I have 4 beauties in my herd now. We have beautiful yearly steers too. I bought Rod Hewitt’s herd last year. He did a really nice job of selecting the best for his brood herd. Call me on my cell phone to talk in more detail 802.316.6616

  2. Karl says:

    Those look like happy cows. Makes me wish I was one of them. The mountain view, the weather, the cool … I can feel it!

    Happy! Heck, those are down right lucky bovine.

    Are we still on for a chunk of one of those dudes soon.

    We should talk soon about the order.

    I love your cows!

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